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“Vigor” stands for strength; and that’s the impression that Vigor gives! As well as strength this model also conveys a very amiable character thanks to its lightly swinging armrests. The slightly higher and shorter seat and the higher back cushions mean this model has a somewhat more active seat, although the Pullmaflex under-springing and the special foams give the Vigor the trusted sitting comfort for which the BENCH models are so well known. The tapering wooden legs dovetail beautifully with the swinging armrests and lend the model style and a certain elegance. The Vigor is finished as standard with a backstitched seam to accentuate the flowing lines, although a handsome edging finish is of course also possible. And with its many width sizes, the Vigor offers something for everyone.


  • Dimensions (w x d x h):
    160 - 186 - 210 - 234 - 254 x 92 x 84 cm


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