What makes the famous BENCH a real Bench?

Our starting point is working from one basic idea by using all visual, functional and technica! qualities to create a dazzling piece of furniture. In doing so, we combine these original designs to make something of excellent quality and fantastic comfort. We use what we call "signals from the environment" and translate these into unique designs with an original image.

The word BENCH stands for true craftsmanship and industrial, conceptual thinking based on your personal wishes. Because we want to give you a sustainable and unique end product. This makes the "hand made" label more than just words; it is proof of individual design as it offers you the option to choose from a wide range of finishing options in both fabric and leather.

The BENCH armchairs and dining chairs are known for their flexible backs made of spring steel. lt is a processing form that ensures that the steel always returns to its original form. lt's an expensive structure, but only the best is good enough for our clients. As this structure is free and independent of the body, it allows us to achieve a very high level of comfort. After all, your comfort is just as important as your refined taste.

Furthermore, the special BENCH foams, pillow stuffings and springs on the bottom are made specifically for each individual client. Because there is a world of differences in quality between each of those as well. And our top qualities, structures and the model-dependent composition of these materials are inextricably linked to guarantee their sustainability, so they actively contribute to your precieus comfort. Quality is so important to us that we can use our materials to re-upholster the furniture, even after many years of loyal service!

Obviously, even the BENCH fabrics and leather is cut, sewn and upholstered by hand. And of course, each model has its own templates and/or moulds.

Every design even has its own specific range of options, which in turn result in many various types of processing. Moreover, BENCH leather is "skived", making seams and borders even more beautiful -which is also good for processing the material.

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